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Aidan Zanders
Do you open the box?
Do you open the box?

You wake up to find yourself in a hallway with no windows and no doors. Simply a corridor roughly the length of a football field, perhaps longer. Wake up. You think to yourself. A dream, surely it’s a dream. Nothing you do helps to shake you loose. Trapped in this hall, alone. Left to wander it’s length looking for anything that can help you escape.

Walk down the hallway and turn back when you reach the end. Repeat seven times. See the same things from slightly different angles. Take a step back. Access. This is not the first time you…

It’s raining in February. Puddles forming on the streets of our town grow to connect into a single reflective surface. I gaze at my reflection as the water falls around me. Raising my right hand I see my mirror double respond with his left. A familiar dance.

Suddenly I’m floating up from the ground, untethered from gravity. I watch my shadow fade away beneath me. I watch as the rivers rise up from the streets to cover the earth. This new rising tide swallows the cars and homes of the people in our town. Soon all that remains is the treetops, poking out of the water like the first growth of Spring after the last falling snow.

Julie doesn’t wear deodorant. She’s afraid of cancer. Her mother died of cancer and so did her father and she fears that cancer is already brewing inside of her. If she could afford to visit a doctor she would go and get screened to find out if she has cancer, but she can’t– instead she stays up some nights biting her cuticles off and worrying that everything she feels is acute cellular mutation. Julie Febreze’s® her armpits.

Julie is growing tired of me. It’s happening gradually though the signs are obvious. She’s stopped looking at me while I’m talking. She…

Visualization of a squares position over time with different easing

During the past decade, the role of designers has changed dramatically. We’ve largely shifted from print to digital media, from designing desktop experiences to responsive mobile-first websites — and from a static environment to one that is quite dynamic. Throughout this evolution, we’ve had to adapt to several very different roles and expand our skill set and vocabulary in kind.

While designers have become incredibly well-versed in thinking in terms of systems of reusable components and atoms, design tokens and style guides, far too many of us are still taking a static approach to designing for the web. At our…

It was a cold day for a picnic, but Ryan insisted. This was the first weekend he’d had off work in months, and he aimed to make the most of it.

He gathered his family, a kite and a basket of cucumber sandwiches (butter, not cream cheese– he hated the texture) and piled into the car. They were all smiles as he backed their beat up Toyota Camry out of the driveway and headed into the city.

On the interstate the radio played a couple of songs he had almost forgotten. His wife hummed along, and he smiled. Jeanine…

Aidan Zanders

Designer by day. Aspiring writer and animator by night. Mercy main when I can find the time.

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